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Who is Martin Bisi and why do we care ? [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Who is Martin Bisi and why do we care ?

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philadelphia show -w/ Brian from Dresden Dolls drumming - Fri 12th [Dec. 10th, 2008|09:02 pm]
Who is Martin Bisi and why do we care ?
Martin will play at Danger Danger Gallery in Philadelphia - this Fri 12th at 11pm
ALL AGES, $5-10 donation

Brian Viglione
from Dresden Dolls will be Martin's guest on drums
It's a pretty rad house party. There'll be bands on 2 floors:

Danger Danger Gallery - - $5-10 donation - All Ages -11pm
Philadelphia, PA
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a blog on gentrification - a streamable interview [Dec. 10th, 2008|08:31 pm]
Who is Martin Bisi and why do we care ?

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I wrote a blog at Blurt Magazine, musing about the the current state of gentrification in Brooklyn. Is it reversing ? stalled ? or just of a different nature...
you can read it here: Blurt Magazine
and... a streamable interview at Goldmine Magazine - I talk about my recording over the decades, various projects, and my own brain child, Sirens Of The Apocalypse.
Listen Here: Goldmine Magazine Radio

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Obama Benefit - Martin Bisi, Fiery Furnaces, Alina Simone - Oct 7th [Sep. 27th, 2008|05:10 pm]
Who is Martin Bisi and why do we care ?


Here's the show info: http://www.musichallofwilliamsburg.com/calendar/show/2158/

Barack Rock Benefit ! Music, Comedy, Action !

Music Hall of Williamsburg - Tues Oct 7th

Andrew Bird / Eugene Mirman / The Fiery Furnaces / Kumail Nanjiani / Martin Bisi /Alina Simone / Heather Lawless / Guster / Lizz Winstead / John Roberts / Adira Amram / Special Secret Musical Guests (Not appearing in order)


Music Hall of Williamsburg 66 N. 6th St. (b/w Wythe & Kent) Brooklyn 718–486–5400

on sale 9/27 12:00 pm
18+ Doors 6:30 pm / Show 7:30 pm
$40 advance / $40 day of show 

There'll be the Stage for Change, where 6 Bands and 6 Comedians will be Hyping the Hope.
There'll be the Obama Room, where you can watch the debate, register to vote, and sign up for Specific Volunteer Actions! (Volunteer! Volunteer!)
Let's make this last 28 days count!
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The Crazy Homicides - Twilight of the old Brooklyn [Sep. 13th, 2008|03:56 pm]
Who is Martin Bisi and why do we care ?

[Current Location |Brooklyn, NY]

This is a story I wrote called The Crazy Homicides.
It takes place in Park Slope, Brooklyn where my recording studio has been for 27 yrs, back when the neighborhood was in a major downward spiral. It's now a land of baby strollers, micro-breweries and fancy coffee shops. Bill Laswell, producer, and then studio partner, was involved. Africa Bambaataa also got drawn in. This is fun: The Crazy Homicides
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new monthly blog at Blurt Magazine - What Is Punk ? - 1st edition [Aug. 1st, 2008|09:46 pm]
Who is Martin Bisi and why do we care ?
Martin is doing a monthly blog/column at Blurt Magazine on-line.
The first edition is up, titled "What Is Punk ?".
  It's meant as an introduction to himself, and puts him in the socio-musical context of what Punk was during his late teens in New York - 1977 -  and what it meant later, and now.
 To spice things up, he got some good quotes from Legs McNeil (author of "Please Kill Me", and original coiner of the term 'punk') and Lydia Lunch. There are references to a bunch of people  Martin has worked like Thurston Moore, Ramones and The Dresden Dolls

 find it HERE:  Martin Bisi - What Is Punk ?

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videos and pics from CD release show - Knitting Factory NY [Jun. 1st, 2008|02:23 am]
Who is Martin Bisi and why do we care ?
There's stuff to look at from the rousing CD release party in NY . Martin had extra performers on 2 songs, including street performers from the original Goth Chick '98 vid, and Ajda from Black Fortress Of Opium, singing... see below. The photo gallery has shots of the venerable John Zorn and Bill Laswell , who wowed the crowd with a duet performance

video - Sirens Of The Apocalypse live -
video - Goth Chick'98 live - HERE
photos from Prefixmag HERE
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NYC Record Release show at Knitting Factory [Mar. 30th, 2008|02:47 pm]
Who is Martin Bisi and why do we care ?

record release show in NYC.
John Zorn
and Bill Laswell will be doing a set together, as well as
The Homosexuals, and a fave band I've produced, Susu.
Edrie and Walter Sickert from The Army Of Broken Toys will also make an appearence
Knitting Factory
8PM, Sunday May 11th
74 Leonard Street, New York NY 10013
Cost:$8 - all ages
On-line tickets:
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Boston Record Release Show Tues May 20th - Middle East [Mar. 30th, 2008|02:06 pm]
Who is Martin Bisi and why do we care ?
Martin is having a record release show in Boston.
it's at the Middle east  upstairs on Tues May 20th -8pm 18+
472 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge
These are some of the other awesome performers:
What Time Is It, Mr Fox ?
Black Fortress Of Opium
Walter Sickert & THe ARmy of BRoken TOys
$8 - On-line tickets:
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new voice blog /podcast [Mar. 5th, 2008|04:00 pm]
Who is Martin Bisi and why do we care ?
Paul Wallfisch (Botanica, Little Annie) and Martin discuss the similarities between religion and music, art in general and sports - why do people want to fuck their gurus, and other prickly questions.. heady intellectual banter -fair warning

go to: martin bisi's voice/audio blog

It's also the 2nd episode of an itunes podcast

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new york show - brooklyn [Feb. 2nd, 2008|12:36 pm]
Who is Martin Bisi and why do we care ?
Martin's playing at Luna Lounge in Williamsburg Brooklyn on Wed Feb 20th at 7:45
361 Metropolitan near Roebling
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